Love  that is not openly and desperately returned back is – Unrequited.Expressing all your love and time to someone who don’t recognize your feelings and worth is a very sad thing. It can be masochistic in nature-you seemed to continue loving and caring for someone even if you are hurting inside. We had experience this some […]

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A dancing PNP ( Philippine National Police) Chief Ronaldo ‘Bato’ dela Rosa together with the official mascot graced the flag raising ceremony Monday yesterday at the PNP headquarters. They danced to the tune of ‘Trumpets’ and ‘Running Man’ amusing top police officials and guests and policemen to the surprise of many. PO1 Bato is  namesake of […]

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Being in love is one of the most magical and pleasant feeling in the world,especially if you are loved back in return.Love can do wonders.When you’re in love you infect and inspire all the good and positive energy.Making you like a glowing star of hope and happiness. But all of this vanished in just a […]

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  The Bermuda Triangle ( Other known as Devil’s triangle) is a region located in the North Atlantic Ocean.Three vertices formed the boundary of Bermuda triangle located  in Miami, Florida peninsula, in San Juan ,Puerto Rico and the island of Bermuda. The Devil’s triangle is one of the most talked about  mysteries in history.It is most […]

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Ever heard of Au pair? You bet its a french word meaning “at par’or “equal to”.I first encountered this word when I was scanning on the internet and decided to look for a job abroad.There was this article about Au Pair and from then I got nosy on this foreign sounding term. Soon I found […]

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According to Wikipedia Earthquakes are is the perceptible shaking of the surface of the Earth, resulting from the sudden release of energy in the Earth’s crust that creates seismic waves. This are the top 5 strongest earthquake by magnitude over the years. Rank Date Location Event Magnitude 1 May 22, 1960 Valdivia, Chile 1960 Valdivia earthquake 9.5[3] 3 […]

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‘Happiness is an inside job’ as what  a recurring quotes runs.It means that your’e being happy  depends on external factor. Its something that you chose or decide.That happiness is experience inside us.Its also has its source within us. There were 10 scientifically proven ways to be amazingly happy  based on a social media site called […]

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A resident from Cebu City won P272.8 million Grand lotto 6/55  according to Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office.The lot was held yesterday night July 30.The  combine winning numbers were 13-35-24-9-6-53 which was bought in a lotto outlet  in Ayala Mall Compound Cebu City. The said winner choose his lucky numbers with a hundred bucks ( P100) Another 23 winners […]

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As a Fresno home was burning, multiple witnesses see Jesus’ face in a cloud of smoke just before a person is saved because of a “good samaritan” neighbor’s warning: “There’s still someone in the building!”. WATCH AND SHARE THE VIDEO  

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The Philippine National Police chief Ronaldo ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa meet with the former Army reservist Vhon Tanto during a press conference Saturday at the Manila Police District headquarters on Saturday. Dela Rosa said Tanto should have practiced ”deep breathing” when he figured in a road clash with a bicycle rider Mark Vincent Geralde evening of July […]

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