What To Do With Unrequited Love

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Love  that is not openly and desperately returned back is – Unrequited.Expressing all your love and time to someone who don’t recognize your feelings and worth is a very sad thing. It can be masochistic in nature-you seemed to continue loving and caring for someone even if you are hurting inside.

We had experience this some point in our lives and it  cause a certain kind of anxiety.It can also lead to depression when this one-sided kind of love are not admitted and handled well.

You have to know and believe that its not about you.’Love takes two to tango’ as the saying goes and you couldn’t insist someone to want you just because you love them.Life is unfair but you always have the free will.You are given the ability to choose and take the path that is way more gentle and fair to you.

It’s always hard to admit that you loose the battle of love.A heartache is a heartache that needs to be healed in time.But it will serve you better when you let go of things that are crippling you already.It starts with loving yourself first and knowing your worth.

You start with the practical yet meaningful activities like – Treating yourself to the salon, Trying on new adventures, Beginning a healthy habit. Essentially treating people nicely .Being beautiful -not just in the outside but mainly in the inside..


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