What To Do After a Break Up

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Being in love is one of the most magical and pleasant feeling in the world,especially if you are loved back in return.Love can do wonders.When you’re in love you infect and inspire all the good and positive energy.Making you like a glowing star of hope and happiness.

But all of this vanished in just a slap of reality. People change so as their attitude.You maybe so much in to each other at first but things are not always in match.Differences occurred. Arguments and petty fights piled up.Lies and cheating just surfaced right before your eyes.Whatever the circumstances might be,nothing could be so hurtful being brokenhearted with the love you believed to be true and good.

So what do you do after a heartbreak?

You start with helping out yourself and your feelings.Its a very challenging situation but eventually you’ll be okay and be back on track.First gather up all your wounds and  burns.Let it tear you.Cry out loud.Rapture and release all the feelings that has been repressed and denied.

Then Accept that everything has a purpose.Think about what else remains and forget what was left behind.Break up maybe just a revelation that has to happen for the better of you and even for the other person.

Next strive to threat yourself.Be it travel,another skill to learn,making new friends,a shift to another career,spending more time with family and so on.

Finally you’ll realize its just a matter of time, determination and support from love ones that you’ll be able to go back to your normal but stronger and happier self this time.


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