When Love is Unreal

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How will you know if the love is just a make believed or not real?


Most of us couldn’t recognize it at first glance.When you’re in love you tend to fall under a spell of blindness and delusion.All you know is she or he is the most and best and all the superlatives given.You don’t even bother about other people’s opinion.As long as you are given the care and appreciation that you have been longing to feel then it’s the picture perfect love.

Naturally love can change a lot of a person’s attitude.It can make people a little bit kinder,nicer,more open minded.Days are brighter and nights are shinier when your’e in love.

But there comes a point that you have to be waken up.The love that you find faultless and true is way too far from being honest.At the early stage of love tiniest of doubt can be notice.Everything is sugar coated and sweet nothings but its usually typical.Among us kind and good words are uplifting and pleasant to hear so we tell our partner and  let it consume us.

Love can give many chances and forgiveness as long as it is worthwhile and sincere.But if you find someone that is not committal, they couldn’t even try to meet and know your friends.Someone that you can’t share most of the problems that troubles you.Someone that hides their insecurity and instead fake their support (but it’s showing you can tell) .Someone that  loves you just because of this and that..Someone who is self assured they doesn’t need your advice.Someone that is too much preoccupied with his/her time you couldn’t fit in his/her world.

Moreover when things are abusive and excessive anymore then you have to break out especially when families are involved and are hinting danger to your life. You couldn’t go on pretending that everything’s under control.When pains and guilt are already eating you up and you couldn’t recognize the right from wrong,the good from bad then ask for friendly and even professional help if needed.

Love should be treasured and  cherished like  an important belonging that you had.It shouldn’t be neither degraded or neglected.For love grows and bloom in high spirit and health when given enough nourishment from someone who has a pure and noble heart.


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