How To Love Yourself

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Loving oneself is as fundamental as breathing oxygen.It should be first priority.But not all acknowledged this fact.Many of us were too fasten with our daily thoughts  and troubles we couldn’t  care more about our sense of self.

The problem is we tend to compare and focus on our weakness and disadvantage rather than accepting whats already there.We are so obsessed with being the higher and better one we couldn’t be content.We look for different ways to be accepted and appreciated we sometimes put our selves  in danger and distress.We deliberately change our inner self to give way for a fabricated skin deep outward beauty.

Self compassion is also needed to build up your self esteem.We need to talk to ourselves once in awhile.You have to assess about what you really need and want.Keep a lists of what makes you happy and what makes you sad.Engage and aim to do the things that energize and makes you happy rather than what makes you miserable, such as going into a hike or swim,playing your favorite musical instrument ,going to a theme park,volunteering and or cooking for your family etc.

Doing so is not an easy process to begin with especially if you experience self doubt and fear at an early age.But it’s never too late to heal those wounds and scars..Recognizing your worth and value is the first step to self fulfillment and eventually loving yourself.


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