The Best Cure for Hiccups

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Have you sounded like a choppy line because of that strange feeling in your diaphragm?  You tried to speak but the words come out on and off.  What’s wrong?  Don’t panic.  It’s what they call hiccups or hiccoughs.  What causes this?  And what could be the best cure for hiccups ?

treatment for hiccough

What Causes Hiccups / Hiccoughs ?

Hiccups or hiccoughs are caused by contraction on your diaphragm or in layman’s term contraction of our breathing muscle.  It is triggered when we eat so fast that we swallow air and can irritate the diaphragm and produce the hic sound.  When we eat, our muscle in the diaphragm is at work.  It uses oxygen and restores carbon dioxide.  While eating we cause our breathing to stop and thus disallow new oxygen to pass through our diaphragm and that could cause the irritation in the throat.

Remedy for Hiccups

The best cure for hiccups are cheap and considered as home remedies because you don’t need to go out on your house to get rid of hiccups.   You can try one these top cures:

  • The cheapest and yet best remedy for hiccup is to hold your breath.   Hold your breath for as long as you can and then try to exhale slowly. Repeat the treatment until hiccups is cured.
  • One of the oldest ways but the best remedy for hiccups is to drink warm water.   And it really works.   When you have hiccups, the muscle on your throat is cramping so you need to apply heat.   Drinking warm water, holding your breath and putting your fingers on your nose can really do the trick.
  • Sugar is also used as home remedy.   It could be considered as one of the best remedy for hiccough. Just fill your spoon with sugar, hold it on your mouth for few seconds then swallow. Repeat the treatment until your hiccough is gone.
  • Another one that you can try is the burp method. It is also one of the top cure or treatment of hiccups.   Just gulp some air until you can feel the need to burp.   Just continue the remedy until your hiccup is gone.

The above mentioned remedies are considered as the best cure for hiccups. You can try them at home or anywhere.   When hiccups get in just relax and do what you’ve learned.


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