How to Cure Sore Eyes Fast

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cure sore eyesOur eyes are considered the window of our soul.   They are one of the precious gifts God has given to us.   That is why we should take care of our eyes while we can.   However, there are some instances wherein we experience eye problems no matter how much we take care of them.   One of the many eye problems we experienced is sore eyes or conjunctivitis.   In this article we will tackle some concerns like its causes, common symptoms and how to cure  it fast.

Causes of Conjunctivitis ?

Bacteria, virus and chemical are the causes of conjunctivitis. These can get into your eyes when you are in dusty and dirty environment.

What are the Symptoms of Conjunctivitis ?

The symptoms include eye pain, your eyes are red and tired, you can feel something strange  as if there is some sand in it, and pus may be visible.

How to Treat Sore Eyes Fast ?

Conjunctivitis is painful so it is necessary to learn about how to treat it quickly.   You can try home remedies or medicine as a treatment for this eye problem.

Home Remedies:

  • Coriander. Boil dried coriander and use an eye wash. It reduces swelling, burning and pain.
  • Warm compress. Place the hot compress on your affected eyes to ease the pain.
  • Tea bags. Steep a tea bag in hot water then squeeze out some tea from it, and then place it on to the freezer until its cold. Then place the teabag on the affected eyes

If these home remedies didn’t help you to get rid of those sore eyes you can seek doctor’s advice.   Your doctor will prescribe the right medicine that you can take to cure them fast.

It is said that prevention is better than cure.   So prevent conjunctivitis from getting into your lovely eyes by staying away from dirty environment, avoiding eye strain and trying to relax your tired eyes.

Remember they are precious gifts from God so take care of them.


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maria martinez Says:November 3rd, 2010 at 10:47 pm

i want to go to school tomorrow without my eyes red, what fast medication should i use?

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