How to Cure Watery Eyes

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cure watery eyesOftentimes, eyes become watery due to allergy and common colds. It can also be a result of epiphora or excessive tear production. These causes may bring about symptoms of red, itchy, and watery eyes. The condition is not painful unlike any other; however it may provide discomfort especially when we go about doing our activities of daily living. Affected by this circumstance? Here are some steps you can undertake on how to cure watery eyes.

How to Treat Watery Eyes

  1. Look for some over-the counter drugs that will help you ease the situation. Eye drops such as Visine, but be sure not to use it linger as prescribed as it may have an effect on your eyes.
  2. Since most issues of watery eyes are due to allergies, take some OTC antihistamines to get rid of the histamines producing the condition. Take necessary precautions upon intake of these drugs as they may cause you to become sleepy, and drowsy.
  3. Still talking about allergies, eliminate allergens that may be the culprit for the condition. Keep your environment free from dust, mites, and dander. Make sure to change filters on a regular basis.
  4. Keep a humidifier in your room thus adding moisture to the air. Dry eyes may also cause watering of the eyes, but a humidifier will be of great help.
  5. Keep your hands clean or try to touch or rub your eyes as possible as it may not just bring about watery eyes, but as well as infection that can aggravate your eyes’ situation.
  6. Hot tea can also be soothing regarding the condition.
  7. Consume foods rich in Vitamin C to speed up recovery from excessive watering of the eyes.

Well, I guess that’s it. Those are just some of the tips on how to cure watery eyes. It’s good to hear that you already know how to go about treating them. Good luck!


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