Best Medicine for Sore Eyes

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cure sore eyesSore eyes or medically known as conjunctivitis is just among the many eye infections that most people get to experience once in a while.  This can be irritating because of the pain and discomfort it brings especially that you can’t see a clear view of everything around you.

Causes of Conjunctivitis

  • Bacteria – causing redness and irritation.  At times, pus discharge may be present.
  • Viral – also known as “pink eye”.  It causes the eyes to be extremely red.
  • Chemical – due to toxic chemicals which irritates the eyes

This condition is characterized by red, watery, itchy, and tired eyes particularly in the inner eyelids that progresses to the cornea.  If you’re suffering from this optic health ailment, maybe you’re seeking for what the best medicine for sore eyes could be. What could it be?  Learn more by reading the entire article below.

Best Medicine for Sore Eyes

We know that there are a lot of over the counter medicine for sore eyes.  Some might suggest best remedies including eye drops and ointment made specifically to provide care for sore eyes.  Over the counter eye drops such as Visine, Naphcon, Ketotifen (Zaditor) contain decongestant and antihistamine to provide relief from cases of conjunctivitis.  But this should be used with precaution as overusing can lead to dependence on eye drops or rebound eye redness.

However, once you’ve contracted sore eyes, the best thing to do is to prompt medical advice from your doctor.  He, alone, can tell you what the best drug or medication treatment can top to deal with your situation. It is always better to consult prescription drug as well as when to start or discontinue any health plan. Cliché as it may sound; we should never practice self-medication to avoid further complications.

On the other hand, there are home remedies that you can opt on this link: how to treat sore eyes fast.


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