How to Cure Hangover Nausea

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How to Cure Hangover NauseaIt’s the “morning sickness like” feeling and it is just hateful enough that it causes you to feel a terrible headache, dizziness, stomach upset leading to diarrhea and vomiting, fatigue, and a lot more.  You can’t be pregnant in this state as it can be another condition named hangover.  Hangovers are no fun, and they suck big time.  Nausea is among the commonly attributed after effect of having too much to drink as a result of dehydration.  This is a big pain in the ass which is why most sufferers look for ways on how to cure hangover nausea.  If you are one of them, this article provides some home remedies for treatment and how to get rid of it.  Here’s how.

How to Treat Hangover Nausea

  1. Drink plenty of fluids.  It would be better to sip it instead of drinking it directly from a cup as it can trigger vomiting episodes.  Nausea is caused by dehydration so make sure to replace them immediately. Fruit juices, water, and sports drinks are good choices. Avoid caffeinated drink as it can trigger dehydration more since they’re diuretics.
  2. A natural treatment includes ginger tea.  Ginger is known to possess anti-nausea properties thus helping you alleviate that nauseous feeling. A few slices of ginger may be placed in a cup of hot water.  Allow it to steep for atleast 5 minutes, and then add some sweeteners.  Moreover, this is one way of rehydrating the body therefore eliminating that dreadful hangover.
  3. Your diet plays an important role among the hangover remedies. For this case, we recommend that you try eating the BRAT diet.  Naturally, this is composed of bland food that can help ease your stomach. This includes bananas, rice, apple, and toast.  Saltine crackers, on the other hand, are also good choice on how to treat nausea.
  4. Among the cures, you can also rely for anti-emetic medicines and other OTC drugs that can help you provide relief from what you’re feeling.
  5. Finally, the best way on how to cure hangover nausea is none other than rest, itself.  Allow your body to recuperate from the whole night of non-stop partying and drinking.

There you go!  Those are some of the tips we can give you on how to treat hangover nausea.  There is nothing wrong with drinking occasionally, but remember to take some preventive measures to avoid that dreadful feeling upon awakening.  Enjoy!


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