Best Reasons to Get Married

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reasons to get marriedPeople usually get married nowdays because of unplanned pregnancy. The woman got pregnant and the man involved must take responsibility of it. This is usually the trend here. The others decide to marry because they’ve been together for so many years. But what must be the best reasons on marrying? Is it because you should and so you must? Is it because you just need someone to be with? Reflect and know exactly why you want to marry and also what you need and the things that will give you contentment and happiness.

There are a lot of reasons why we marry but I’m just going to give you the best reasons to get married.

1. Love. The main reason why we get involved into relationships is that we want to meet the person who would promise us forever. Love is something that makes us decide to marry. Marriage is the best way to show a person we love them so much, that we are wqilling to spend our life with them forever.
2. Sex. To do the act legally, we need to marry. This is the set standard but many are those who does sex already even without marriage but they can have better sexual satisfaction if they are to marry the person they are making love with. Studies show that many are those men who perform better when they are personally and sexually satisfied.
3. Family. People marry out of love and they are desinged to form a family. They would like to have their own children, they would like to experience parenting life. Wsith that they are not only living for themselves but they have reasons why they should continue on working hard and on breathing.
4. Happiness. To achieve certain happiness that single life can’t give. Your children and your partner will can give you such, that no matter how hard you work for them. You have a supportive husband and loving kids.
5. Companionship. When you marry, it is expected that you stay together with your partner forever. You will have someone to be with when you grow older. When everyone seem to turn their back agaisnt you, you still have your knight and shining armor.

Marry and be happy. Take these tips. There may be disadvantages but I guess being married to the one you love and having great kids with him will make your life more colorful, happier and more contented than ever.


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