How to Do CPR on a Child

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How to Do CPR on a ChildChildren are vulnerable to a lot of accidents due to their desire to explore the world they live in. Therefore, it’s no wonder they are prone to experiencing dangers such as drowning, choking, and suffocation.  In emergency situations like these, kids’ breathing and heartbeat may have stopped which is why knowing how to perform CPR or short for cardiopulmonary resuscitation can make a profound difference in saving lives.  Once the brain is deprived of oxygen, brain damage or even death can occur. Generally, trained bystanders who have happened to witness this matter of life and death situation can administer first aid.  But to give one with some details, here’s how to do CPR on a boy or a girl ages 1 to 8 years old.

How to Do CPR on a Child

Tackling a little, CPR generally includes rescue breathing to provide oxygen to the child’s lungs, and chest compressions to keep one’s blood flowing. Follow the steps and guidelines below on how to administer First-aid to kids.

CPR Instructions

  1. Start putting o with your personal protective equipment like gloves when trying to perform the procedure.
  2. Gently tap and shake the child to assess responsiveness.  Shout “Are you okay?” and check if the child makes a noise or he moves.  If the kid is unresponsive, ask someone to call for help, but never leave the patient alone.
  3. Assess if there is injury to the spine.  Carefully place him on his or her back.
  4. Open the airway by lifting the chin up with one hand and titling the head with the other hand.
  5. Look, listen, and feel for breathing.  Position your ear close to the victim’s mouth and nose while assessing for chest movements.
  6. If breathing is not present:
  • Cover the victim’s mouth with your mouth.
  • Pinch the nose closed with your fingers.
  • Give two rescue breaths which take about a second.  Rescue breaths should make the chest rise.
  • Put the heel of your hand on the breast bone which is located just below the nipples. The other hand should be kept on the victim’s forehead, keeping the head tilted.
  • Compress the chest at about a third thickness of the chest or about 2 inches in depth.
  • Give 30 chest compressions. Allow the chest to rise completely. Perform it in a fast method without pausing.
  1. Begin chest compressions by:
  1. Give another 2 breaths.
  2. Complete the cycle (30 compressions: 2 breaths) for about 2 minutes.
  3. Repeat rescue breathing and chest compressions until consciousness is gained. Once the child starts breathing again, put him in a recovery position that is lying on his side.

Babies under a year old are actually more fragile which is why when trying to perform infant CPR, you only use your two fingers instead of the heels of your hands.  This is how to do CPR on a child.  If you are not confident enough though, and you’re in doubt of the correct steps, then do not attempt since you may create further damage to the victim.  Good luck!


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