How To Find Real Love

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Love is fruitless when it’s not real.It is awful when not equally shared.Love is not all smiles and cloud-nines.It is not all feelings but rather decisions too.But above all Love is not a mere theory but more of actions.

When we love we give and share a part of our selves to our other half.We try to adjust to certain difficulties occurring in a relationship.Two people are supposed to work,talk and sit together if problem arises.It’s teamwork and if you really both love each other then you always think and consider at least an action or solution to your dilemma instead of just giving up and walk away.If your partner insists in  letting you go and forget all that  you’ve been through then I guess its time to weigh up the situation.An ill treatment and deceit in a relationship is never an excuse or reason to do whenever your relationship is taking in a halt.

Real love knows no boundaries.It captures all hearts from different  places,status,ages and culture.Challenges in terms of love are tests that leads to a healthy and long term relationship.Nothing is as praiseworthy than fighting a genuine love.It takes courage and personality to maintain and preserve love.Evidently to some elderly couple who still hold hands and hugs unhesitatingly through the years.

When you love someone don’t just  say it but also show it.Express how much you mean to each other and you will readily recognize real love depends on how he/she treats you especially during hard and changing times.


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