How To Sustain A Healthy Relationship

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Everyone will do their all to protect and maintain a relationship. Nothing can be happier when parties mutually stay for good at least harmoniously. It could be a personal achievement to survive a relationship tried and tested in time.When two different souls meet and converge their emotions,- a series of tempest are expected along its way.

Falling in love is like lighting- quick and fierce but staying in love is like thunder -strong and steadfast.

We start with liking people.Liking their faces, their body,their eyes,their tone of voice and smiles, -typically the physical form. And then we would admire their skills and talents,their leadership,their values and the likes.In time you find yourself desiring the person. And when chance and faith crossed path you find yourself lovesick.

This is the most critical part- the moment you realize when your caramel like union is beginning to drain its sweetness.But don’t you fret. It’s something you should be grateful of. Without the challenges and hardships in a relationship you could just have stuck in a shallow water – lacking nutrients, dull and submissive to tides.

For the relationship to flourish .You have to keep the lines of communication open, this will encourage both to be supportive and honest.Faithfulness starts with knowing and understanding your partner’s worries and fears,laughs and tears like a good friend does.Caring about his/her well being,respecting his/her opinions and appreciating  his/her works are equally important.

Love is like wine the more you preserve and secure it the grander its flavor. Loving through words are sweet but loving through actions are exceptional.


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