Senator Laila De Lima made a press conference yesterday night  August 18 after President Duterte finally  exposed her name regarding his speech during the Philippine National Police (PNP)’s anniversary in Camp Crame about a senator who had an illicit relationship with her driver-lover. According to Digong the said lady official allegedly received  drug money from Muntinlupa through […]

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A photo of girl went viral in social media because of her stunning look. But the surprising news was he was apparently gay. When you look closely at his pictures you will mistook him as a girl. He was even identical to the looks of a celebrity like Kim Domingo. His named was revealed as […]

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Arnold Clavio conducts a surprise interview with Kris Aquino impersonator Kris Tetay.  Arnold seemed to be surprised with who he’ll interview in his evening program episode of Tonight with Arnold Clavio in NewsTV channel 11.  At first a familiar female voice was heard at the background.  Clavio seemed to be guessing who she is until […]

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  Radio DJ Karen Borbador and boyfriend Emilio Lim were arrested in a drug operation in Pasig.  According to a report a sum of  P3 million worth of drugs such as ecstasy and marijuana was found at a condo unit in Pasig City on Saturday, August 13.  Also found at the unit were drug paraphernalia, money, […]

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A lot of people likes singing as much as they like music. People enjoys singing in karaoke/ videoke. It makes it easier and fun to follow and read song lyrics in a videoke screen .It is one of the most favorite past time among friends and families whether you’re out of  tune or simply fantastic.  […]

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  It’s always fun and exciting to travel. Taking a vacation leave from the hustles of your work and daily grind is a must. Planning a trip is a temporary escape from your routines, deadlines and even from a not-so-good experience of heartbreak and accident. Making time for yourself and your family through travelling is […]

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Watching television is fine when it is moderate.  It’s one of our daily habits when we were at home with  family and friends. It’s readily available and just a click away.  A variety of TV programs are in store for you to choose. From drama series to  reality programs to news and current events.  It’ […]

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Love is one of the happiest feelings in the world. It lets you smile without reason and makes you threat people more nicely and kindly. When you’re in love your days are brighter and your nights are shinier. It’s like floating in the air in high moods. Love It can either do good things or […]

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  Instant noodle is undoubtedly easy and quick to prepare. Parents would cook it for breakfast since it is simple and comes in handy. Many is still patronizing this products because of it’s seemingly good taste and inexpensive value. Instant noodles are a popular go-to lunch or dinner for those who are saving for their […]

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3in1 beverages such as instant coffee is a making a trend among Filipinos. The product is cheaper than a usual roasted coffee. This is especially easier and more convenient to prepare especially if we are in a hurry to work or simple just spending time alone or doing certain projects or tasks. Instant coffee is […]

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