Watch Word War : The Secret Life Of De Lima As Revealed By Duterte

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Senator Laila De Lima made a press conference yesterday night  August 18 after President Duterte finally  exposed her name regarding his speech during the Philippine National Police (PNP)’s anniversary in Camp Crame about a senator who had an illicit relationship with her driver-lover. According to Digong the said lady official allegedly received  drug money from Muntinlupa through his driver-lover who collected it.
The expose was done by the President after someone asked if he can name the said personality he had mentioned. Duterte willingly disclose and drop De Lima’s name. He said that its his executive duty to tell the public about it.

De Lima in the other hand was serious and emotional in a press conference when she made her speech regarding the incident with Duterte. She was shocked and in disbelief that the highest position on land the President would say this libelous statement against her. Duterte’s act was unbecoming and an evident of abuse and misuse of power she added. She was holding back tears while explaining that the administration should have verified the source  before jumping on conclusion and said it was a clear character assassination. She also told the press that the President is being personal and unprofessional.


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