List of Things To Prepare Before Travelling

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It’s always fun and exciting to travel. Taking a vacation leave from the hustles of your work and daily grind is a must. Planning a trip is a temporary escape from your routines, deadlines and even from a not-so-good experience of heartbreak and accident. Making time for yourself and your family through travelling is a good way of promoting harmonious ties and relationship. Travelling is also a deserving reward to all your efforts and hardships either at work or at home . It should be done once in-awhile. As the quote goes ‘ Work Hard Play Hard’.

While you are engross with all the things you have to ready and the adventure that you will be taking. Here are the list that you should be packing before a trip. I wrote down some of it so you can be as relax and confident as you go.

You have to prepare the following :

a. Passport/visa(s)

b. Personal ID’s

c. Cash and credit card(s)

d. Reservations and itineraries

e. Hotel and/or tour contact information

f. Mobile device/ gadgets and charger

g. Electrical converters and adapters

h. Travel pillow blanket, eye mask, and ear plugs,headset

i. Lightweight clothing that can be layered

j. Toiletries

k. First Aid Kit



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