How to Travel with your Period

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How to Travel with your PeriodYour monthly period should not prevent you from traveling.  For some women, having menstruation is such a hassle, especially for those who suffer from dysmenorrhea and cramps.  They stay at home and avoid going out if possible. This prevents them from going on a vacation and paying a visit to places.

How can you minimize your inconvenience or discomfort when you travel with your period?  Take a look at the following travel tips:

How to Deal with your Period while Traveling

  • Be smart in packing your things up.  Don’t forget your favorite pad and tampon.  Bring with you extra pads and tampons.  Bring plenty of them in your carry-on bag.  Don’t throw them in your rolling bag because it will be hard for you to find them when you need them.  You can also bring your favorite wet napkin.  Bring some medicines with you like pain relievers. Bring wet wipes for freshening up.
  • Bring healthy snacks.  Avoid salty snacks, junk food items, and sugary sweets because these can worsen PMS symptoms and make you feel bloated.
  • Bring plenty of water to keep you well-hydrated.  It also helps to ease PMS on your trip.  Mens can really cause you pain.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.  If you’re flying and on a long international flight, wear extra absorbent, overnight pads.
  • Consider taking birth control pills.  Some women use this method to skip their menses.
  • Change your pad frequently to avoid overflowing.
  • Understand your menstrual cycle so you can prepare if you travel a lot.

By being smart in packing and being aware of the things that you should bring and need, you can reach your destinations and can go to places comfortably. Enjoy your tour!


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