How to Count Your Monthly cycle on a Calendar to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy

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How to Count Your Menstrual cycle on a CalendarKnowing when your period be is beneficial especially when planning for adventure travels and of course to avoid unwanted pregnancy. The most common way is to count your cycle. This is the easiest way to determine when your period be during the month. When you know how many days is the interval of your menstrual cycle each month you would definitely take advantage of it by avoiding sexual intercourse. It may sometimes be inconsistent and may not be reliable but it can also be a great help.

How to count your monthly cycle on a calendar is easy to do. This is known to be the calendar method.

  • The first thing to do is to put a mark on the first day of your menstrual cycle. This must be the first day of your period, not just stains or spots but it’s exactly the usual first flow of your cycle. Do not be misled.
  • You would feel signs that your period is coming when you feel pain in your abdominal area and that means you are fertile. Avoid having any sexual intercourse when you are on a family planning but it can also be a good time for those who are planning to have babies to do sexual contact.
  • You can mark the calendar the days that you are fertile, having your period and the last day you had it during the month. You can use this to indicate when your next cycle will be. Usually it takes 28- 35 days before you have your next period and this is most likely the same each month.

Knowing when to expect your menstrual flow is beneficial especially when planning for a vacation or when you want to conceive or not to bear a child. You would also know if you need to bring with you napkins so you won’t feel irritated and annoyed when you have your period elsewhere and so you must know how to count your monthly period on a calendar.


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