How to Know if You are Fertile or Not

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tell if you are fertile or notBeing able to know your own body’s strange signs that it is your fertile or infertile period is always a necessity that every female should have.  Asked why?  Because being aware of your fertile days can help you save yourself as well as achieve your plans whether you’re trying to get pregnant or avoiding pregnancy.   Follow some of the tips given below to answer your quest on how to know if you are fertile or not.

How to Tell if You are Fertile or Not

  1. Using the calendar method, make an approximation of your ovulation date.  In a 28-day cycle, women generally ovulate in the mid-cycle which is the 14th day after the first day of her period. A woman is fertile four to five days before the ovulation and this lasts for a day or two.
  2. Make use of an ovulation predictor kit to know what is your fertile day, and when ovulation will occur. The luteinizing hormone will be detected on the woman’s urine thus making a good identifier of her ovulation.  Ovulation occurs within2-3 days of a rise of the hormone. Therefore, having sex during elevated LH may result in pregnancy.
  3. Check for the changes in cervical mucus.  When the mucus discharge is slippery and stretchy just like that of the egg whites, conception will like occur 3-5 days prior to ovulation.
  4. Keep track of your basal body temperature.  This is taken first thing in the morning prior to doing any activity.  The BBT of a woman rises a degree just after ovulation which indicates high chances of getting pregnant.

However, if you’ve been trying really hard to conceive, you should also identify other factors which may cause a woman to not be able to become pregnant, though she’s ovulating such as the male partner is infertile, one partner is already sterile (tubal surgery, vasectomy, ligation), history of pelvic infection, or irregular menstrual cycles.  Consult your doctor to know more about the reliable method on how to know if you’re fertile or not.


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