Bananas are sweet and creamy fruits. They grow in tropical places. The Philippines has a wide selections of bananas. While we are accustomed to thinking of  bananas as having yellow skins, they can also be red, pink, purple and black tones when ripe. Their flavor and texture range with some varieties being sweet while others […]

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Not a lot of people like avocado. Maybe because of it’s natural embittered taste . It could also be the appearance on the inside which has tiny long fibers all over its fruit. It is easily squeezed and crushed when ripen because of its soft flesh. The yellow-green meat inside the fruit is eaten, but […]

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What is our favorite carrot cake or soup  without carrots. We add carrots to different recipe and salad to make it crunchy,colorful and healthy. They are delicious eaten raw or cook. Carrots also provide different nutritional values. Carrots are root crops, it can be harvested all year round. It’s usually associated with the color orange  but […]

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I couldn’t imagine life without my friends. Aside from my family, friends are there to make your days happier and help you whenever you face certain problems. Real friends takes some time to be found. They are somewhere to look  for in the right time and chance. They appeared and felt when you needed them […]

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To worry is considerable but to worry too much is a crime. Life has a lot of struggles of different forms and shapes. Many of us has our own worries and fears.From our personal lives to our future predictions to the farthest of space. It’s part of our mental state and emotion that should be […]

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We love listening to music. It is one of the most liked  past time. It’s also has a good effect in our mind whenever we listen to it.  While there’s some who doesn’t prefer music,  but majority can’t imagine life without it. Music is part of our daily existence .It maybe a music we heard […]

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Walking is the  cheapest form of exercise. It allows us to improve our lower body area without checking in the gym or fitness center. To walk instead of commuting or using the elevator  is making a good deal to your health. Habitual walking is greatly recommended and will do more benefits than harm. When we […]

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Ever wondering of visiting South Korea? With the increasing  influx of Koreans going in and out of the country, how they gradually affecting the locals and  youngsters preferences on food,clothes and music. Kpop and Korean drama is an emerging trend now not only in Asia but also around the world. Fans were going going gaga […]

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South Korea is in Eastern Asia . It is one of the  Asian countries who required Visa to Filipinos who plan to travel to their country.  Other countries like China,Japan and Macau issues visa to some countries as well. Before you can go to the land known for Kimchi and Kpop .You have to prepare […]

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I have just stumpled upon the video of this little girl. She is so funny. Hahaha… This girl might become very rich in the future because she knows the importance of saving money at a very very young age. I don’t know the reason why she was crying in the video but it seemed like […]

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