The Advantages of Walking

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Walking is the  cheapest form of exercise. It allows us to improve our lower body area without checking in the gym or fitness center. To walk instead of commuting or using the elevator  is making a good deal to your health. Habitual walking is greatly recommended and will do more benefits than harm.

When we walk we let our feet and eyes enjoy  and experience the scenery. It give us actual attachment to nature and people. Walking every morning is a workout in progress. It condition and refresh your body before you start your day be it  at work ,in your house or wherever you are.

Research suggests that daily walk helps slow down aging process. Other study shows that walking for 2 miles a day or more can cut your chances of hospitalization. Walking also lightens your mood, this is because walking triggers your body to release natural pain killing endorphin.
It also improved sleep and circulation. It lowers blood pressure and strengthened the heart. According to a study walking can lead to weight loss. Since walking is an aerobic exercise you get calories burned which  can lead to reduced pound.

No doubt that walking is good for you. Its easy to do,its free and it does a lot of health benefits that you wouldn’t regret. Start the good habit now.


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