Best Exercises for Cardiovascular Health

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Best Exercises for Cardiovascular HealthTo maintain a healthy heart, diet goes hand-in-hand with cardiovascular exercises. These exercises which are also called cardio exercises give workout to large muscles as well as help you lose weight by burning a lot of calories.  Moreover, they help you a lot of health benefits including preserving your heart’s health, improving your circulatory system, and lowering your risks to condition like hear disease.  Among the facts given by the American Heart Association, one should include atleast 30-60 minutes of exercise, three to four times a week.  There are already a lot of articles telling you to improve your overall health, and we’ll be among them as we’ll give you the best exercises for cardiovascular health.  So stick with us.

Best Exercises for Cardiovascular Health

Aerobic exercise is vital in improving cardio fitness.  This helps the respiratory and circulatory systems in being more efficient.  Doing aerobic exercises allows you to make your lungs use more oxygen thus allowing your blood to circulate on the body appropriately.  There are a lot of aerobic activities which you can actually practice in your daily routine.  Whether your want to take up gym lessons or anyhow you want, they can be done.  So what are some of the greatest and best exercises for cardiovascular health? Here are some:

  • Walking – It is always the easiest to do as it is free.  Brisk walk atleast 10 minutes daily or up to 30 minutes if you’ve been exercising for a long time.
  • Running – This one is considered to be the most effective aerobic activity.  It provides a lot of benefits and is quicker than walking or jogging.
  • Swimming – Through swimming, almost all the muscles in your body work which is why it is also as effective as running.
  • Cycling – Cycling can be as effective as walking and can also be done almost anywhere.

Remember that when doing these exercises, always start off slowly and increase your activity’s intensity gradually.  Moreover, always do warm up and stretches before performing your drills to keep your body from being strained.  Finally, Yoga therapy can also be practiced to as prevention to heart related problems.


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