Best Workout Exercises for Women

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workout exercises for womenMany people are so interested in staying fit.  Because of this, a lot of men and women are going to the gym to exercise.   Based from my experience, number of female filled the gym everyday.   Women are not only concern about their facial beauty but also about their physical body. They follow workout programs that can really make their waists smaller by the use of abs exercises and toning exercises that can strengthen their chest, legs, arms, back and stomach.   Some women would do some routines or training such as back exercises, abs exercises, running (cardio exercises), best weightlifting exercises for women, body building and other fitness trainings.  Moreover, women are so eager to learn about the best workout exercises for women to attain their desired results.  In this article, I will enlist some of the best workouts exercises that you can do and help you achieve your goal.

Here are Some of the Best Workout Exercises You Can Do


  1. Chest press.  Use an exercise ball. Lie on it. Make sure to contract your abs.  Use weights while straitening up and down your arms over your chest.  Repeat for several sets.
  2. Concentration curls.  Sit in a chair; place your right hand on your knee, on the left hand use a weight.  Try to contract the bicep by pulling the weights toward your shoulder.  Do the same thing to your right arm.
  3. Back extension.  Lie face down; put your hands on your head.  Raise your upper body and lift your legs off the ground.  Hold the position for few seconds.  Return to original position.  Repeat.


  1. Vertical Leg Crunch.  Lie down, your legs raised up and knees crossed. Place you hands on the floor.  Lift your shoulder as if you’re reaching your stomach, hold it for few seconds then return to old position. Repeat 3 sets.
  2. Captain’s chair Leg raise.  Stand on the chair.  Press your back against the wall, make sure you contract your abs and lift your legs up towards your chest.  After that, slowly lower down your legs.  Repeat for 3 sets.
  3. Squat exercise.  Stand up straight.  Feet are few centimetres apart. Bend your knees, lower your body and your butt should not touch your heels then slowly lift your body up.  Repeat for several sets.

These are just some of the workout that you can do to attain your fitness goal. Try to browse some articles related to it in this blog site for more insights.   Stay focus on your goals and surely you will attain that.   Stay fit and healthy.


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