Proof that Stretching Exercises can Increase Height Naturally

  posted by: Dennis Aguilar



Stretching Exercises Height Increase ProofPerhaps one of the positive proof that you can grow taller with stretching exercises is the Burmese Women of Paduang Tribe. These women are long necked, always can be heard from tv documentaries, or can be read in encyclopedia.

These women can be found at Paduang Hill Tribe. The women of Paduang tribe has this tradition that they have to wear brass ring on their neck, this symbolizes great beauty and wealth for them. This brass ring is really not a separated ring but one continuous turn or form like a coil. They start to put brass ring starting at the age of 6 and then adding 1 to 2 turn of coil every year until they reach the age of 16. The coil stretches their neck thus lengthening it. The brass ring can lengthen their neck up to 15 inches long. If only their neck is with correct proportion with the entire spinal column then maybe these women could be as tall as Robert Pershing Wadlow – the tallest man ever in history who was almost 9 foot tall.

This is one big evidence that it’s possible to lengthen our spinal column with some specifically designed stretching exercises (grow taller exercises) which targets the lower part of the spinal column (not the neck area).


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