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Usually an individual hardly grows or stop growing in height after the puberty stage, this is the stage by which a child’s body becomes an adult body capable of reproduction.  This is usually from ages 10 – 17 for girls and about 12 – 18 for boys.   After puberty, the human growth hormone which is the main key in growing taller starts to decline and the long bones start to fuse, when this happens, your body hardly grows in height or totally stop in growing, but still depends on other factors affecting human height such as diet, sleep, exercises, etc

Spinal Column  & Stretching Exercises

Figure 1-A

To grow taller naturally after puberty may seem impossible to you but many people have proved that its still possible to increase height regardless of your age. While it is true that further lenghtening of the long bones cannot continue once the growth plate has totally fused, it’s still possible to increase height through our spinal column which contributes to about 35% of our height.

If you think that it is impossible, take a look at the image of our spinal column at Figure 1-A.   Our spinal column composed of 33 separate bones called vertebrae.  You can feel these bones when you touch your back.   Now only 24 of these bones are movable and are held together by tough and fibrous tissue called cartilaginous pads or also known as inter-vertebral discs which allows spine to bend and act as shock absorber. These ligaments or cartilaganous pads have something to do with your height.   Obviously the thicker these ligaments are, the longer your upper body will be and the taller you will become.  These 24 bones are non-fusible which only means that we can make it grow thicker whether you are in 21, 24, 25, 30, 60. or in other words it’s still possible to grow taller naturally regardless of your age. Figure 1-B shows the close-up look of our intervertebral discs. If we can stretch or thicken this elastic substance by only o.10 inch which is as thick as this (-) line with height stretching exercises that will be explained below, then that would be 0.10 inch x 24 discs = 2.4 inches of height increase !!! Not Bad…

Intervertebral discs

Figure 1-B

The effective way to thicken the inter-vertebral discs thus increasing our height is through Stretching exercises also known as grow taller exercises. This exercises are designed to target the 24 discs of our spinal column which help to actually thickens and lengthens your discs by stretching it out. The usual thickness that people achieve through stretching exercises is about 0.13 to 0.17 per discs or about 3 to 4 inches of height increase. Only depends on the effort they put into exercises.

Grow Taller Exercises also help to improve your posture because it straightens the curve part of your spinal and also strengthens core muscles that is responsible for good posture. With improve posture you can still squeeze out few inches additional height increase.

There are also two factors that affects the thickness of inter-vertebral discs. One factor is the human growth hormone. If your pituitary gland produces more human growth hormone regularly then this will greatly affect the thickness of your inter-vertebral discs thus helping you to grow taller. The second factor is the gravity. If you just noticed, you are a little bit taller during morning than evening, usually about 1 to 2 inches taller upon waking in the morning. Gravity is the reason behind this. The gravity during the day really decompresses the discs. So what is the effect when evening comes? You lose few inches of your height.

Fortunately, Stretching exercises can help on the secretion of human growth hormone and also also fight the effect of gravity on your discs. Since it is known that any form of exercises can increase the human growth hormone. When you reach about 15 to 20 minutes of your grow taller exercises routine, your pituitary gland starts to produce large amount of human growth hormone. And because during your stretching exercises your heart is pumping more blood to our target area (intervertebral discs) , the discs absorb as much human growth hormone as it can get during stretching exercises. So this exercises help to increase your height in two ways. First, the exercises directly stretches the discs. Secondly, it stimulates the production of human growth hormone which further thickens your discs and possibly also lengthens your long bones if not totally fused. On the other hand, Grow Taller Exercises can help you to fight the effect of gravity on your discs by strengthening the core muscles that supports for improve posture. These muscles help to straighten and reduces the pressure in the spine.

Grow Taller Stretching exercises is very popular way to increase height naturally and one important part of any “grow taller program”.  Do it everyday and you will surely grow a few inches taller.


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Lyan Says:November 14th, 2010 at 9:19 pm

Amazing!It doesn’t require gym equipments or any complicated process to perform. Moreover, with eating growth increasing foods , height boosting will be more effective. Specially when you accompany this with routines from growth increase programs like the grow taller 4 idiots that gives supplementary advices in reaching your desired height.

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