How to Stop your Breasts from Growing

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The stage of puberty may bring about a couple of changes into a woman’s life, and among them is breast development. Obviously, the development of one’s breast vary from one woman to another, but again, breast growth starts as soon as you have your first period.  Relatively, your boobs will continue to grow four years after you hit the puberty stage.  But there are still some women whose breasts continue to grow bigger and it’s just freaking them out.  Is there any way on how to stop your breast from growing? You’ll eventually know when you scroll down for answers.

How to Prevent your Breasts from Growing

Apparently, there isn’t really an exact way on how to stop your breasts from growing. Your family genes, on the other hand, are something that you can’t manipulate. So, if you are born to a family with larger busts, then yours will probably continue to grow. Factors such as starting hormone based contraception as well as pregnancy and lactation, and even just natural fluctuations of hormones can continue to keep your breasts grow and begin to swell.

If you notice that your bra size went from 36DD to 38DD and you assume that your breast size grew larger, then think about it again as it could be your pectoral muscle and not the cup size itself which is increasing.  Working out or gaining weight can often make your chest bigger.  Moreover, some say diet is also associated with continued breast enlargement since some foods and herbs have estrogenic effect on the body.

The question on how to end your breast from growing doesn’t really entail a specific answer.  This is basically because the point where its development will cease depends on your own body’s mechanism. But we hope that somehow, we were able to answer your question.



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