How to Make your Breasts Stop Hurting

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Being a woman is fun but at the same time it’s excruciating. There are many painful things that you have to bear-literally and figuratively.  For the literal sense, we do suffer from pin caused by the tenderness of our breasts before and during our monthly period and during pregnancy.  The breasts get really full, sore, and painful.

What can we do with the busts when this happens?  Let’s take a look at the following tips to handle this agony.

Here’s How you can Prevent your Boobs from Hurting

  • Tight Bra:  One of the effective ways to make your breast stop hurting is through the use of tight bra.  By wearing it, the pain will be minimized.  You can also wear a cotton sports bra.
  • Ice Packs:  Stuff your bra with ice packs for a certain period of time. This will help you relieve pain.  While dong this, try to find a comfortable position and try not to move.  After an hour, the tenderness and soreness will be gone.
  • Hot Shower:  Taking a hot shower also helps.  You can also express your milk like 10-15 drops.  Do this a few times a day.  Don’t squeeze too much milk.
  • Cabbage Leaves:  Try to put cabbage leaves in the fridge for hours then put them in your bra.  Leave them in an hour and you’ll feel better.  This will help your breasts stop swelling.
  • Heating Pad:  Place a heating pad or a heated towel on your breasts for 20 minutes and it will ease the pain.
  • Eat the right food:  Avoid eating salty food before your period.  This also helps you prevent form suffering breast pain.

That’s it! Just try any of the given remedies and see which one works best for you.  At the end of the day, it’s only you who can tell which remedy is effective for you.


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