Breast Cancer Survival Rates by Stage

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Breast Cancer Survival RatesRecently, we’ve written an article about how breast cancer develops. Now, it’s time to talk about how breast cancer is staged as well as the its survival rates by stage.

If you or a loved one is afflicted with this, most probably the first thing that would pop into your mind is regarding the prognosis and survival rate.  To start with, its survival rates is determined by a lot of things including its type, how fast the cancer cells are spreading, one’s general health, age, or is it already a recurrent breast cancer.

Having knowledge about the stages of this disease will help you summarize your condition based on the symptoms that you’re body is showing and opt for a couple of treatment that your doctor can work on.  As for the staging, it is determined depending on how large the tumor is and how far it has spread.

How Breast Cancer is Staged ?

Stage refers to the extent or severity of the disease.  These are categorized from 0 to 4, making 0 the earliest and stage-4 demonstrating that it has become a metastatic.   To simply put it, stage4 means that it has spread to the other parts of the body.  Medical professionals conduct several tests once a woman is diagnosed with this disease to determine the current stage.

Survival Rates

There are statistics available based on the American Cancer Society to sum up the survival rate.  These are all based on a five-year survival rate. Some doctors also measure the survival rate up to 10 year post-treatment.

  • Stage 0: 100%
  • Stage 1: 100%
  • Stage 2A: 92%
  • Stage 2B: 81%
  • Stage 3A: 67%
  • Stage 3B: 54%
  • Stage 4: 20%

Stage4 is considered very crucial and life threatening.  When it has reached this level, it only means that the cancer cells have spread in the other parts of the body including the lungs, liver, bones, etc. undergoing chemotherapy session is the most common treatment for patients in this stage.

If you want to know more about prognosis of breast cancer, it is always better to consult your physician about it. Good luck!


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