How Breast Cancer Develops

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breast cancerWhen abnormal cells grow in an uncontrolled way, cancers occur.  Breast cancers occur in women, but men can also develop breast cancer.  Usually, breast cancer begins as a small lump and when left undetected, it can grow either fast or slowly.  The stages of breast cancer development depend on many factors including tumor size or whether the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes.  Also, there are a lot of forms of breast cancer which happen rarely to other women like Paget’s disease, inflammatory breast cancer, medullary carcinoma, etc.

Lumps on the breasts can be benign or malignant.  Having benign tumors lowers the chances of developing breasts cancer, while malignant tumors can spread and damage other parts of the body. Be it cancerous or not, it is important to seek medical advice once you’ve noticed some changes on your breasts.

It is pretty important to be aware and understand the basics of breast cancer and how it develops for your own safety. In this section, we’ll give you as much information you need to learn how breast cancer develops.

How Breast Cancer Develops

The exact causes why breast cancer develops are still unknown, but there are still factors associated as to why this occurs.

Genetic Abnormality

Breast cancer occurs as a result of the alteration or mutation in the genes in charged for regulating the growth cells along with keeping the healthy.  The genes inside the nucleus of the cell act as responsible for controlling each cell. The cells in the body replace themselves by means of cell growth wherein healthy cells replace the old ones. However, mutations can alter certain genes (BRCA 1 &2) making the cell divide uncontrollably and forming a tumor.  Apparently, mutation can be inherited.


Hormones, specifically estrogen, are often associated with developing breast cancer.  This may occur more in women than men.  The level of estrogen varies when a woman menstruates or gives birth.   Basically, estrogen tells the cells to divide and when they divide without control, they create an abnormality in the cells thus forming a tumor.


Though lifestyle has been an issue whether or not it contributes to having breast cancer, many researchers still believe that it does play a role in acquiring the condition. People that eat high in fat diet are more likely to have it. Smoking and alcohol abuse, like in any other diseases, always play a part in developing cancer.

Breast cancer can be very potentially life threatening, that’s why men and women are always advised to have screening done to protect their health. Early detection always plays a key to survival.


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