How to Gain Weight Fast for Men

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gain weight fast for menMen like sexy women.  Women like hunks.  We often say that the physical appearance of a person does not matter and that what matters most the inner character. Well, I have nothing against this. It’s absolutely true. But be realistic. We see the physical appearance first.  If you meet a person for the first time, you judge the person with how he/she looks.  You can’t tell right away that he/she has a good heart.  You are attracted with what your eyes see.

In view of this, people get conscious of their body built.  Skinny people want to gain weight.  Fat people want to lose weight.  Getting the weight we wanted is not an easy thing to do.  But there are people who are good enough to know how we are going to achieve our goal.

This post aims to help men gain weight fast with some diet tips and weight gainer strategies.

How to Gain Weight Fast (for men)

  • Monitor calories. Pay attention to the labels of the food you eat.  Use a food scale and monitor your calorie intake everyday with the use of FitDay.  You need your body weight in pounds x 20kcal to gain some weight.
  • Eat every 3 hours. You need to eat more especially when you move a lot. Keep on eating every 3 hours.
    • Breakfast: Do not take your breakfast for granted. It’s very important. You need to get calories from the first hour.
    • Lunch and Dinner: Consume much at lunch but do not eat too much at night.
    • Snacks: Include these in your snacks: fruits, mixed nuts, yogurt, dried fruits, eggs, milk, sandwiches, protein shakes, and cottage cheese.
    • Post Workout: Since physical activities burn calories, eat post workout to restore the energy. You can check for some post workout recipes.
  • Increase protein intake.  Don’t be contented with what you used to eat.  Your body needs 1g protein per pound of body weight per day to build and gain muscle mass fast.  Some good sources of protein include red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products.
  • Exercise.  Do some resistance training exercises like lifting heavy objects to enhance your muscle.  Aerobic exercises are not for you because they will cause you to lose weight.  These are for males and females who have slow metabolism and are into losing weight.
  • Track your progress.  You will be motivated more if you see that you have gained some weight.  Monitor it weekly and take photos of yourself.

I hope that these ways can help you gain weight and soon you’ll say goodbye to being skinny and hello to being a hunk.


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Scales Says:October 18th, 2010 at 5:24 am

Healthful snacks and activity do a lot for weight loss. But scales are what have done the most for me. Bathroom scales chronicle my success, and food scales are essential for me to know what I’m really eating. Congratulations to all who have lost the extra pounds – I’m sure you’ve used your scales all the time!

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