How to Lose Weight when Pregnant

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How to Lose Weight when PregnantStaying beautiful and slim while pregnant is a frustration for most women.  It seems so hard to stay in shape while expecting a baby. Most women gain many pounds during pregnancy.  This makes them worried about their shape and health.  But you cannot just lose your weight without consulting your doctor. Pregnancy is not the right time to go on a weight-loss diet or t take diet pills. It is totally harmful to you and to the developing precious baby. How can you shed some weight when pregnant?  Here is a list of the things that could help you slim fast or burn fat while conceiving a baby.

How to Lose Weight During Pregnancy

  • Don’t forget to take your prenatal vitamin daily. It should be prescribed by your doctor though.
  • Control your cravings to eat more and more. I know it’s really hard to do this but you have to if you want to be healthy and avoid gaining more pounds.
  • If it’s possible eat organic food items like whole grain, vegetables, and fruit.
  • Avoid or cut down your consumption of processed food items and those that have too much sodium and sugar.  These are hazardous to your health to the baby’s health.  They also make you gain more weight.
  • It’s better to eat more often but in small servings like having 2-3 meals a day.  This will make your metabolism and blood sugar at consistent levels.
  • Avoid drinking soda. Drink fat free milk and water instead of soda and fruit juices.  They contain too much sugar.
  • Exercise. Walking is a very good exercise. Start off with a short distance. Don’t engage in any strenuous physical activity because it will harm you and the baby.
  • You can also talk to a professional health-provider or weight watchers for a diet plan if you really want to slim fast.
  • If you plan to take Alli, consult your doctor first.

Losing weight should not be your priority when you are pregnant.  You may get conscious of your shape but keep in mind that the safety of your baby is still the most important.


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