how to Get Pregnant with Twins Naturally

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Are you one of the women who dream of getting pregnant with twins naturally? Let’s see how we can make that possible and easy for you.

 naturally getting pregnant with twins

Naturally conceived twins occur in about 1 out of every 89 births.  This goes to show that under normal conditions, your chance of conceiving twins is slim.  There are fertility medications that you can take and there are medical procedures that can increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins but you may want to do it naturally.

Below are some tips on how to get pregnant with twins naturally.

  • Check your family background. If you have history of twins then you have a good chance to conceive twins.
  • Gain some weight: Women who are a few pounds overweight have bigger chances of conceiving twins.  But don’t reach to a point that you become unhealthy. Tall women also have greater chances of giving birth to twin s.
  • Consume dairy products: According to studies, women who eat dairy products have greater chances to conceive twins than women who don’t.
  • Keep on breastfeeding: Based on a study, women who continue breastfeeding will have bigger chances.
  • Eat wild yams:  This won’t hurt you if you try it:  Eat cassava which is a type of potato or yam. It is a form of progesterone, a hormone involved in the female menstrual cycle.  The skin of cassava contains a chemical which causes hyperovulation.
  • Get pregnant when you are older: Try conceiving a baby in your mid 30s. There’s a greater chance of conceiving twins naturally.
  • Have a lot of kids:  The more times you are pregnant, the more likely it is that one of your pregnancies will be twins.

How can I get pregnant with twins naturally? Well, you have just read some tips to increase your chances. It may not be fast but those are the natural ways to become preggy.  If you want to get preggy with a boy quickly, have intercourse on the day of ovulation.  To make it faster, perfect timing is needed.

Wishing you good luck! Enjoy the art of parenting!


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