Why Too much Worrying Is Not Good

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To worry is considerable but to worry too much is a crime. Life has a lot of struggles of different forms and shapes. Many of us has our own worries and fears.From our personal lives to our future predictions to the farthest of space. It’s part of our mental state and emotion that should be taken properly.

Worries are  sometimes hard to removed from our thoughts. We tend to think them all over without really taking actions and solutions to it. We make worries a habit to join our already shaken thoughts.
When we worry we snatch the goodness of the present. It just means that we remove the chance of a better and brighter day while we go on thinking about our daaily problems and issues.

A student may worry about his/her test results but if he/she  really prepared and study for it then they shouldn’t be that tense. A girlfriend/ boyfriend may worry about his/her partner’s faithfulness that it lead to serious confrontation and parting ways but in a broader view it was just a lack of trust. A performer may worry about how to make his/her show perfect while doing so made him/her forget about what to do next to his dismay!

Worrying too much give us  more harm than good. It’s making yourself feeling down and stressed. Who would loved a day filled with thorns and dark shadows? Let us remember that when we worry none can be done and resolve to our problems at least at the moment.  In order to be free of worries we have to learn how to let go of them and be brave enough to face it come what may.


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