Music as Medicine

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We love listening to music. It is one of the most liked  past time. It’s also has a good effect in our mind whenever we listen to it.  While there’s some who doesn’t prefer music,  but majority can’t imagine life without it. Music is part of our daily existence .It maybe a music we heard from the radio or our phones to the movies or television. Music affects our feelings. It lightens or brings down our mood.

I appreciate a lot of music. Either the melody or the lyrics made us wonder about life, love and and the smallest of things. Some songs made us relate about our present conditions and experiences. It gives us a certain kind of energy and hope. Music also has a healing power.Many people rely on music to recover from a bad experience or situation. Music serves as their confidante and medicine. It has a nurturing and caring hands that extends to those who seek for it.

These are the other health benefits of Music

1. Music makes you enjoys visual and verbal skills
2. Music reduces stress
3. Music makes you happier
4 .Music strengthenes the heart
5. Music enhances sleep
6. Music Eases pain and boost immune system
7. Music makes the brain healthy


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