How to Date a Hipster Girl

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how to date a hipster girlGirls differ in many ways.  Some girls like Indie fashion; others just like to go with the flow.  Some other girls like pop music; others like alternative songs.  There are so-called hipster girls.  These types of girls follow the latest fashion and try to surround themselves with musicians and artists to gain credibility.

Advice when Dating a Hipster Girl

Are you interested with these girls?  Do you know how to be close to them? How do you date them?  Here are some dating tips to make your date with a hipster girl a success.

  • Appreciate the hipster girl that you like.  Tell her that she’s beautiful and cool with her hipster fashion.  Women simply love flattery.  Be generous of praise and you’ll be able to catch her attention.
  • Make her feel special.  Treat her like your princess.  Be thoughtful and sweet to her.  Love her for who she is.
  • Take her to a good movie and watch it together.  You can also take her to a music concert.  Know her favorite artist or boy band.
  • Try to know her type.  What kind of guy does she like?  Does she like a guy who is into fashion?  She may be a hipster girl but there’s a possibility that she likes another type of guy.  You can be her cup of tea.  You may be opposites but remember opposite poles attract.
  • Be intelligent.  Girls generally like men who have wits.  A dumb man is not interesting and it’s an ultimate turn off.
  • Have confidence.  Men should have it.  But don’t overdo it as you might appear arrogant.
  • Dress appropriately.  Be decent and neat.
  • Show the real you.  Don’t pretend to be somebody else just to meet her standards.  Be being you, you’ll be able to get and marry the chick you want.  Follow this dating guide.

There you go! Good luck to you man!


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