How to Attract Teenage Girls

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How to Attract Teenage GirlsTeenage girls are quite different in many ways.  They are active, adventurous, and curious of many things. Actually, these are the characteristics of a typical adolescent.  How about in love?  How are they when it comes to love and dating? Of course, they are also active because they are still in the period of exploring the world.

If you are into chasing a teenage girl or you want to attract girls in college, then you must learn the art of doing it.  Look at the following ways to attract her:

Here’s How to Attract Teenage Girls

  • Bear in mind that girls differ from one another. This goes to show that you have to know the girl you are interested in so that you will have an idea about her.
  • Be cool and confident but not arrogant.  Teenage girls are more likely to be attracted to guys who have self-esteem.
  • Show your wits. Show what you’ve got.  I don’t mean to say that you need to be a scholar or nerd.  Stupid teenage guys are an ultimate turn off.  Young girls and some women are just idealistic.  They will fall for intelligent boys.
  • Some young girls are attracted to mature men.  It’s probably because parallel poles repel. If you are immature, chances are you will be turned down.
  • Wear appropriate clothes.  She may find you weird and funny if you are overdressed just to catch her attention and impress her.
  • Attracting a girl means you need to exert some effort to draw her nearer to you. Be nice to her in every way so you can seduce her if it’s a part of your plan.  But be real gentleman.  Don’t take her for granted.
  • Take her to places or give her things that fascinate her.
  • Sexy girls are prone to violence.  Be the first man to show respect to the girl.

I hope that this post can help you attract her.  Just follow and try these pieces of advice and you’ll win her.


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