Ways to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

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teenage pregnancy preventionA 16-year old girl who loves her boyfriend deeply and hopes to marry that person one day got pregnant and was only abandoned by the father of the baby.  This is just among the common stories and facts that happen in real life.  The phase wherein a baby was created can be a very exciting and pleasant thing for a woman who has been expecting it, however it can be frightening when it comes for a teen who hasn’t even planned to get pregnant yet.  However, this is reality.  Nowadays, statistics have shown that the rates of teenage pregnancy continues to rise especially among girls aged 19 and under.  To be pregnant at an uncertain time when even the mother-to-be has not developed fully yet poses a great risk, that’s why ways to prevent teenage pregnancy should be prioritized highly.

Ways to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

  • The best guaranteed way on how to prevent unwanted pregnancy is through sexual abstinence.  Not only does it avoid early conception, but also helps you avoid sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Use contraceptive methods to reduce the risk of pregnancy.  The use of birth control pills as well as barrier methods is among the ways to stop the situation.  Teens should be educated about safe sex practices to keep away from being pregnant.
  • Sex is an awkward topic in the household, but parents should have an open communication with their children regarding sexual relationships and its risks.
  • Sex education in schools can also be beneficial in prevention of being pregnant in an untimely manner. Information should be given to teens regarding reproduction as well as its benefits and consequences of those who exercise it.

Teens have so much growing up to do and a lot of things to do in their lives, and the fact that conceiving at an early age when you are not equipped and ready yet cause a great alteration in your life directions.  There are a lot more reasons to prevent pregnancy and the fact that the results are not good, teens should use them as an eye-opener to the many teenagers out there.  Protect yourselves now and follow the ways to prevent teenage pregnancy.


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