World’s Tallest Teenage Girl in Brazil – Elisany Silva

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Elisany Silva - World’s Tallest Teenage Girl in BrazilWhile others are wondering whether there is a way on how to grow taller,  a teen from Brazil is standing there – effortless.  Meet Elisany Silva.  She is literally being looked up to by everyone because of her amazing height measures and she makes everyone around her look small.  The 14-year old teenager stands a skyrocketing six feet and nine inches (6’9” or 206 cm) which makes her the tallest Brazilian girl.  This girl definitely might get into the Guinness Book of World Records.

The world’s tallest teenage girl in Brazil was born on September 27, 1995. Though she ranks among the world’s tallest teen, there are still some downsides about her situation as she find it difficult to get clothes and shoes that would fit her.  Moreover, her being tall makes her unable to play normally with the other teens.  She even finds it a tedious task to move around their house because of her height.

Elisany Silva’s rapid increase in height causes her loved ones to be alarmed especially her mother.  The mother was worried that her daughter was suffering from an abnormality, but they can’t afford to seek medical attention.  According to the doctor, the biggest teen in the world might be suffering from gigantism which can even lead to death especially if she keeps growing because her body will be stressed and her organs particularly the thyroid and ovaries will fail eventually.

The world’s tallest Brazillian teenage girl hopes that she could make use of her height to help her family.  And true enough, reports have it that Elisany Silva is set to brag how tall she stands via modeling at a bridal fashion show in Belem, Brazil.


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