Tallest Supermodel in the World – Amazon Eve

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Did you ever wonder who the tallest supermodel in the world is ?  Did you ever think that your favorite model is the tallest?  Well, we do have a female version of Goliath.  You’ll be amazed by a woman who proves that women can also conquer men when it comes to height.

How tall is Amazon Eve ?  Let’s get to know the world’s tallest model.  Take a look at the following facts:

  • Her name is Amazon Eve.
  • She is 6’8” tall. She becomes 7 feet tall when she wears her heels.
  • She is also known as Lanky Yankee.
  • She is 31 years old.
  • She said that all the women in her family are tall and that explains why she stands that tall.
  • This incredible and fascinating tall woman is from Redondo Beach, California.
  • Her primary work consists of photo sessions with wimps and men.
  • Prior to her career in modeling, she worked as a paralegal and personal trainer.  She was also a wrestler and was into acting but gave it up after keeping her as a monster or alien in movies.

Isn’t she amazing?  One of the downsides of being super tall is she finds it hard to get a boyfriend but she used to date men taller than her.  The shortest man she ever dated was 5’4” tall.

Below is a list of other tall supermodels:

Name  and Their Height

  • Oluchi Onweagba –  6’1’’
  • Mikayla Miles   –  6’4”
  • Elle Macpherson –   6’0’’
  • Natalie Mesa – 6’1”

This is all about the largest supermodel in the world.  I hope that you also find her amazing.


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