Recently in my post about Task Manager Enabler, i mentioned that as soon as i installed one software i downloaded from the internet i noticed that my Task Manager had been disabled by that software, maybe because of the virus embedded on that software. Also, i found out that my registry editor had been disabled […]

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Just yesterday my HP laptop got infected with Sohana.J Virus.  I have two nx6110 model HP Laptops in our office and one of the laptop got infected with this virus.  I believe this Sohana.J virus is very dangerous, in fact, i’m cursing this Sohana.J worm Virus because it killed my laptop. Although when i researched […]

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svchost exe is a vital part of your system and should not be removed but be reminded that there is also similarly named file like the scvhost.exe which is not a system file but a kind of worm malware programs. Notice that it can be easily mistaken as a system file and not a virus at first glimpse. Look (svchost.exe -> scvhost.exe virus). Almost similar, right?

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Lorenzo the flying french man isn’t really flying. Lorenzo is a mind-blowing horse whisperer. Lorenzo was born in born in Les Saintes Maries de la mer in southern France. This frenchman has been performing horse show in crowds since a very young age and demonstrates incredible skill and control with his team of stunning grey Lusitano horses.

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The tallest man in the world today (year 2009) is Sultan Kosen recently discovered by Guiness World Records. Sultan Kosen’s height is…

Perhaps one of the positive proof that you can grow taller with stretching exercises is the Burmese Women of Paduang Tribe. These women are long necked, always can be heard from tv documentaries, or can be read in encyclopedia. These women can be found at Paduang Hill Tribe. The women of Paduang tribe has this […]

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