Have you ever wondered ʞooqǝɔɐɟ uo uʍop ǝpısdn ǝʇıɹʍ oʇ ʍoɥ ? (that’s “how to write upside down on facebook“) You’ve been asking your friends and they hide it to you and tell you it’s a secret. Well, then let’s spill the beans and find out how to write upside down text on Facebook so […]

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Have you been dying to know how to add Facebook emoticons while chat-talking to your friends or just when you are updating your status? How do I put those Facebook heart symbols, you ask? The most commonly used symbol among social networking sites is the heart icon. Usually, this symbol is used as an expression […]

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Are you always asking yourself why some of your friends are so much blessed with the height that you’ve wanted to have and you are not? Well, the matter of growth in height can actually be blamed to some factors that have caused an effect to your growth. Based on some studies, one of the […]

Facebook is apparently the most well-liked social networking site nowadays that people of all ages are involved with it. With Facebook, you can connect to your friends anytime and update them with what’s happening in your everyday life. That is why if you have a Facebook account; start using it to your advantage. Start uploading […]

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For the past few weeks i had experienced a very slow pldt internet connection. My pldt internet connection went down to 0.7 mb downloading speed and the uploading speed was just 0.15 mb.  It was really terrible and watching a 5 minutes youtube video took almost 30 minutes to fully download and play on my […]

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Recently We were surprised by a 16 year old jovit baldivino from Batangas who auditioned in Pilipinas Got Talent,  if you want to download his MP3 click here. Here’s another one, meet Josephine Aton from Cebu, a 32 year-old single mom who also auditioned in Pilipinas Got Talent and stunned everyone. Like Jovit Baldivino, Josephine […]

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Jovit Baldivino – a 16 year old boy from Batangas stunned Ai Ai and Kris Aquino when he sang “Faithfully by Journey” in abs-cbn show’s Pilipinas Got Talent.  Personally, i think he sang the song Faithfully better than Arnel Pineda and if only Ai-Ai was not singing with Jovit Baldivino, I think,i would have  downloaded […]

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Kim Yuna – The hot figure skater in South Korea just won a gold medal on thursday (feb 25) a gold medal in ladies figure skating at 2010 World Olympics at Vancouver.  Her chief rival, Mao Asada of Japan won Silver while Joannie Rochette of Canada won bronze.  Mirai Nagasu of USA, although at 4th […]

If you have lots of battery powered devices in your home, it is important that you should know how to clean leaking AA batteries.  Sometimes leaving the batteries for too long causes them to leak especially when the device is not in use for a long time.  Just like the two AA duracell batteries in […]

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Recently in my post about Task Manager Enabler, i mentioned that as soon as i installed one software i downloaded from the internet i noticed that my Task Manager had been disabled by that software, maybe because of the virus embedded on that software. Also, i found out that my registry editor had been disabled […]

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