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weight lifting stunt heightAre you always asking yourself why some of your friends are so much blessed with the height that you’ve wanted to have and you are not? Well, the matter of growth in height can actually be blamed to some factors that have caused an effect to your growth.

Based on some studies, one of the factors that are correlated to one’s stunting growth is a person’s own genetic predisposition. However, environmental factors and diet also some things that stunt your growth. So, what are these environmental factors, let’s find out:

Smoking Stunt Your Growth:

There have been a lot of reports associating smoking to things that stunt your growth. Cigarette smoking decreases the level of oxygen in the blood as well as producing harmful substances that can be life threatening. These harmful substances like the carbon monoxide causes damage to your tissues and organs affecting health and individual’s height. It is also true that mothers who smoked during pregnancy have lower birth weight when the babies were born and more likely to have stunted growth in the future. But it isn’t just about the stunting effect of cigarettes, we are also aware that long-term smoking poses a lot of diseases and disorders. That is why you have to think about putting a stop on smoking now.

Lack of Sleep Stunt Your Growth:

Sleep helps us restore and heal our body after a long day of work. It is believed by some that sleep plays an important role to avoid growth stunting. Some studies showed that children who are deprived of sleep may be harming their height. It is said that the lesser the duration of sleep taken by a child, the higher the rate of stunting their height. Lack of sleep affects the metabolism of carbohydrate among children and can cause an impaired in glucose tolerance. Impaired glucose tolerance affects hormonal secretion regulating the storage of fat, thus, resulting to weight gain of kids. Inadequate sleep also lessens the secretion of HGH, the hormone that is responsible for growing taller, so it just means that lack of sleep would definitely stop you from growing taller. In addition, some studies have shown that lack of sleep can lead to immune system deficiencies.

Carbonated Drinks and Balance Diet :

Carbonated drinks such as Coca Cola can stunt your growth especially if they are taken excessively and even making them as replacement for milk and other nutritious food. Carbonated drink is thought to use up calcium in our body and also has negative effect on the production of HGH. We know the importance of calcium and HGH when it comes to individual’s height. So, stay away from carbonated drinks. This maybe one of Growing Taller Secrets & Tips because many people still don’t know about this thing. They drink and drink Soda Drinks after their breakfast, lauch and dinner without being aware that it can stunt their growth.

In addition, Always aim for a balanced diet. Eat lots of protein foods and also foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. This will help your pituitary gland to secrete more of HGH, thus helping you to grow taller. Always aim for a balanced diet, you can ask a nutritionist on how to improve your diet. Otherwise, it will stop you from growing taller. The point here is that an imbalanced diet leads to malnutrition and of course has stunting effect on your height.

Does coffee stunt your growth? Does weightlifting generally stunt your growth? These questions don’t really have a single answer as to whether these things really stunt your growth. There might be an effect, who knows, that is we just have to take these things moderately.

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