How to Increase your Child’s Height

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How to Increase your Child's HeightAs a parent, you want to give everything that may be beneficial for your child to stimulate growth.  However, you may be wondering why your child grows slowly than other children his age.  Apparently, the rate of one’s growth depends on the kid’s genetic predisposition.  Environmental factors can also affect kids to get taller.  If you are looking for tips about height increasing, then follow our suggestions to naturally boost your little one’s growth hormone.  Here’s how to increase your child’s height.

How to Increase your Child’s Height

  1. Offer your child a healthy diet which consists of fruits, vegetables, meat, and whole grains.
  2. Ensure that your child gets atleast 9 to 12 hours of sleep every night. Kids who do not get ample time for sleeping may not grow taller like any other child of his age.
  3. Vitamins and minerals are also beneficial in helping your child improve height.  It would be better to provide them sources like milk which contains a high amount of calcium necessary for growth.
  4. Exercises are a big help on how to go about increasing your child’s height. Examples are stretching and swimming.  Allowing your kids to be involved in sports like basketball as well as other physical activities are also suggested since these reduce the chances of being overweight which can stunt growth.

Those are some ways on how to increase your child’s height.  More importantly, a regular visit to the doctor will also help you identify some factors and arrange for treatment on how your child can grow taller at a healthy pace. Good luck!


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