Does Weightlifting Affect your Height

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weightlifting stunt growthMany people who do weightlifting are worried about their height.  It’s because there’s a myth that weightlifting can stunt growth.  To clear things up, I have thought of making this post about it.

Can Weightlifting Stop Height Growth ?

It cannot stop or stunt your growth.  Limb strengthening exercises can contribute to increase in height but lifting weight does not stunt your growth. There’s no evidence for this.  However, you should do your weightlifting routines at the right time.  It’s the timing that can affect your height or growth.

What is the Impact of Weightlifting on your Bones ?

If your growth plates are still soft, that means you still have the potential to grow taller.  Now, if you start working out or weightlifting at a very early age and your bones are still growing, you may suffer from growth plate fracture. It is also caused by improper use of the form.  Do not pressure your bones much.

Doing a regular exercise like weightlifting is needed by the body.  It does not stunt your height so you don’t need to worry.  But when you do it, make sure that you are not overdoing it.  If your bones are ready, then that’s the time that you’re going to try more strenuous workouts.  While you are waiting, do what your trainer tells you to do and don’t go beyond your body can handle. Observe correct technique and proper form to avoid accidents.

Why is Weightlifting Associated to Growth Stunt ?

Lifting weight can change your body built but not your height.  Weightlifting has been thought as a factor that can stunt growth because generally weightlifters or bodybuilders are shorter than average men.  If you are tall, you’ll need to raise the weight far from the ground.  That’s the reason behind the myth.  It does not make you shorter or stop height growth.

There you go! Now you can enjoy bodybuilding or powerlifting without worries!


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