The Effects of  Too Much TV

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Watching television is fine when it is moderate.  It’s one of our daily habits when we were at home with  family and friends. It’s readily available and just a click away.  A variety of TV programs are in store for you to choose. From drama series to  reality programs to news and current events.  It’ almost there in the comforts of  your beds  and sofa. That’s why a lot of people especially the young people love this hobby because there’s not much work into it. It’s just plain and idle sitting and seeing.

But do you know that too much television can be bad for your health?

According to research high television viewing and low physical activity  were associated with premature death especially when we sit down in front of the TV for a extended amount time everyday. The electrical activity in our muscles stops when we’re sitting. Research shows that basic movement of our body like walking or running in a regular manner can make a good deal to your health than just sitting for long hours. Prolong TV viewing increase the risk of obesity due to inactivity. It also steals you good sleep and affect your social interaction by isolating yourself to passive viewing when you should be interacting and spends time with your peers and family instead.



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