‘Bato’ finally meets road rage slayer ( see video)

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The Philippine National Police chief Ronaldo ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa meet with the former Army reservist Vhon Tanto during a press conference Saturday at the Manila Police District headquarters on Saturday.

Dela Rosa said Tanto should have practiced ”deep breathing” when he figured in a road clash with a bicycle rider Mark Vincent Geralde evening of July 26 which he repeatedly shot with a pistol.

Bato half jokingly advice to Tanto about giving him boxing lesson after an apparent black eyed showed in the suspect’s face.Dela Rosa also pointed out that the suspect got irate because he was beaten badly by Geralde’s.

The chief advice maybe be partly meant but hopeless since Tanto will face charges on Geralde’s demise.He is also facing a frustrated homicide case after bystander Rocel Bondoc was hit by a stray bullet.

Tanto sent a message to Garalde’s mother, Malou, in an interview with dzBB on Saturday: “Sorry po talaga, ‘di ko po sinasadya ang mga pangyayari. Nagdilim lang ang paningin ko.” (I’m really sorry. What happened wasn’t intentional. I just lost it.)

The netizen reacted distractedly when a  CCTV footage surfaced showing Tanto shooting Geralde several times following a fistfight in Quipo Manila.After days in hiding, Tanto was taken into police custody in his wife’s hometown in Milagros, Masbate.



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