The identity of the two masterminds on Vhong Navarros extorsion have been revealed by the comedian on the Buzz ng Bayan. The two people involved are Denise Millet Cornejo and Cedric Lee, Deniece/Denise Cornejo according to some reports is the daughter of a singer Wency Cornejo and the grand daughter of the veteran newscaster Ms. Mel Tiangco. She is […]

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Its getting viral now on facebook, youtube and twitter. The alleged Video of a Youtube celebrity Sebastian de Castro. The video was uploaded by a user Andrea Malandi using a mobile camera. The video seemed to be deleted on youtube by the uploader at this moment so it would be useless to give a link right now. but On the video […]

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On the interview recently with the legendary singer Mang Freddie Aguilar, he said that he and his 16-year old girlfriend would get married after 2 years or after his girlfriend turned 18. But it looks like it didn’t go according to their plan. Seems like the two lovers Mang Freddie Aguilar and his minor 16-year old girlfriend are in a hurry […]

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Would you believe that our country Philippines has just been disqualified for joining Intenational Beauty Pageants for two years by (ABPFH) or Association of Beauty Pagenat Franchise Holders for being so beautiful and talented. Oh my.. This news goes viral although the news hasn’t confirmed yet whether if its true or not. Reportedly,  ABPFH said  that Filipina contestants always have  a […]

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Coach Freddie was reportedly kicked by Brandon Rios’ trainor Alex Ariza who was also Manny Pacquiao ‘s former strength and conditioning trainor this Wednesday, November 20th in Macao. According to the report, Freddie Roach came in at the gym at 11 in the morning and demanded Garcia to leave the gym immediately because supposedly it was Manny Pacquiao’s  time already for […]

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Seems like Korina has been suspended according to the rumors that spreads on social networks like facebook and twitter nowadays after her unbiased remarks about CNN’s anchor and correspondent Anderson Cooper. During Anderson’s report on Wednesday, He said that the goverment seems very slow in helping the people. “No evidence of organized relief  and rescue operation around Tacloban. I haven’t seen much […]

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Recently Mr David H. Harwell, an American teacher who has travelled in 21 countries including our country Philippines wrote a love letter to Filipinos to express his gratitude for the good treatment he has received from Filipinos. On the interview by GMA reporter Howie Severino, he said how he loves our country, the Filipinos and our culture. He […]

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Still not surviving in the aftermath of the Typhoon Yolanda and here’s another problem that is a big threat to the security of the women there in Tacloban. There are reports coming out about the incidents of rape on some areas in Tacloban, mostly in Christina Village. According to the two women on the photo being interviewed by […]

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Ginebra San Miguel just unveiled on the presscon the  3 layouts for the 2014 calendar girl featuring the sexier Marian Rivera. This is the second time that Marian became Ginebra’s calendar girl. The first time was way back year 2009 when she was wearing scarf around her waist. Kapuso star Marian Rivera said that this time she is more daring and […]

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Do you love to eat vanilla candy or Vanilla Ice Cream? Well say “thanks” to beaver first before eating your vanilla candy or ice cream for their butt has been the primary source of vanilla for 80 years now. Haha, LOL. Yes its true. No Kidding. Vanilla comes from beaver’s ass. Have you ever heard of a […]

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