Why Should you Thank Beaver First Before Eating your Favorite Vanilla Ice Cream?

  posted by: Dennis Aguilar



beaver-butt and vanillaDo you love to eat vanilla candy or Vanilla Ice Cream? Well say “thanks” to beaver first before eating your vanilla candy or ice cream for their butt has been the primary source of vanilla for 80 years now. Haha, LOL. Yes its true. No Kidding. Vanilla comes from beaver’s ass.

Have you ever heard of a chemical compound called castoreum? Well this is a fragrant brown slime that comes from the anal gland of beavers located between the  pelvis and the base of the tail. This castoreum has been widely  used in food and perfume for years. But hey, FDA considers this safe. So, don’t worry and just enjoy your meal.

Manufacturers have been extracting this musky, vanilla compound by anesthetizing the beaver and then milking its anal gland or squirting it out. But its a little difficult because castoreum usually mixes with urine and anal gland secretion.

Next time you see a beaver or eat a vanilla flavored food, be grateful to them for their butts are serving us for almost a century now.


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