What is Au Pair?

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Ever heard of Au pair? You bet its a french word meaning “at par’or “equal to”.I first encountered this word when I was scanning on the internet and decided to look for a job abroad.There was this article about Au Pair and from then I got nosy on this foreign sounding term.

Soon I found out that Au Pair is a household assistant from a foreign country who can live with a family in exchange with some childcare responsibility or some lighthouse work.This may include waking up the children,playing with them ,helping them with their homework,packing away their toys and tidying their rooms etc.It’s different from a traditional domestic worker.Au Pair is temporary job and without a uniform to wear .Once you apply and got hired in the program a foster family will provide you with certain necessities such as a private room,free meal,chance to travel and a monetary allowance for personal use. It’s also a great chance for you to learn about someone’s culture and language (if required) and also become acquainted with your host family.

For you to become a potential Au Pair you have to be in between the ages of 18-29,single without kids,you should not be related to the host family and at least can speak and understand English.Some European countries like Denmark,Belgium,France,Germany Italy,Netherlands,Norway,Austria and Belgium offers Au Pairing.


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